Bye bye Paris, we’re going to New York! This is mine and my husbands second time in “the big apple”, a city I just adore! It’s almost overwhelming when you realize how big and spectacular this city really is. Since we already have done all the “must do” we could focus on exploring other areas and places. The weather was ideal (for me) with blue sky and 28 degrees. Just love the heat! After have had a traditional American brunch with too much of everything, especially carbs and calories, we strolled down to Soho.

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Strolling in Soho

This area is really magnificent I say! The pace is so much lower here than at Time square and Fifth avenue which always are packed with tourists in "I love NY" t-shirts with their cameras, maps and city guides. In this part of Manhattan you can find so many original shops and second hand stores. I bought a pair of high healed pumps in one of the second hand stores and thought I had made a splendid bargain, but after having walked in them for about ten minutes I realised they were not splendid at all, they were just painful.

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Friends apartment

I wonder how many people have been outside this specific building. I guess everyone that enjoy the legendary sitcom "Friends". Located in this building is a cosy restuarant, "the little owl" which serves delicious dishes in a bohemian atmosphere.

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A short visit at an enormous market outside Central Park

On our way to Central park we stumbled upon a gigantic market I just had to explore a little bit.

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Would this really work in Paris?

Well, what can I say? This would never work in Paris! Just hit the road here and you’ll see what I mean.