So, now I am a Belgian citizen. I must say that it was a real strange feeling to wake up in a completely new apartment and with no Eiffel tower in sight. On the other side my new abode is pretty amazing and the people are so friendly and nice. Nore you can not complain about the surroundings, Belgium has really managed to keep the the original buildings intact and it’s a real pleasure to wondering around at all the small streets where original and cosy cafe´s is popping up every 5fth meter. Now let’s talk about what Brussels has to offer in terms of antique shops and flea markets, this weekend I had my total focus on exploring this field and guess how satisfied I got when I come to know that there are a lot of splendid flea markets and antique shops here. The two most spectacular ones were the Marche´aux Puces and Place du Grand Sablon.

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Marche´aux Puces
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A dream shop for every vintage fan!
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Take a picture of me!
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In which drawer did I put the nails?
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It’s the first time I’ve seen a carusell inside a shop