You never know what life will bring you... yes, that’s right! Because what can you say about me moving from Paris to Brussels if not a real surprise?

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Bye bye apartment
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The same amount of boxes are in the other 3 rooms too...

Sad in one way, but exciting in another way. Sure I will miss Paris more than I can say, but fortunately the two cities are not far from each other- only one and a half hour by train. So I will still do a lot of my purchases in Paris, I just cannot help it; I love the French flea markets! BUT I’ve heard that there are a lot of good places to go for junks and jewels here in Brussels as well. That’s something I will investigate as soon as my new flat looks as good as my old one. By the way I want to apologize for the lacking of prices on my web shop; it’s on its way… but if you are interested in buying you just e-mail me.