So, here we are now in our beloved Goa in India, a place we have been visiting for the last three years now. If you go there you will see why we love it so. First of all, you immedently fall in love with the people, which are so genuine emphatic and friendly. You will also adore their philosophy of life which is "Hakuna matata". That’s how Indian people live, regardless their current lifesituation. Here you really get a larger and a better perspektive on life.

Food wise India is like heaven on earth and offers nothing else but delicious food, fortunately there are miles of beaches to walk if you whish to keep the shape at least a little. And last but not least, there are hundreds of markets to visit. Good for me! One of theese is called "Saturday Night Market" and is a huge and popular night market that takes place only once a week.

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Saturday night market

The market place is huge with different stands lined up so tight, screaming sales persons, live music and a big square in the middle where you can by different food and drinks. And everything is so beautiful lighted. And oopsie, the time is up- it’s 2 am!

The next market in line is a local market in Mapusa where most of the visitors are Indian people- except from blond me! A perfect oppertunity to learn how to bargain Indian style.

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No, I mean the 6th one to the left at row 18
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OK, I say 4 for the price of 2. Deal or no deal ?
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Well done Linda ! Almost as good as the locals !