So, like always I go home to Sweden this time a year to spend some quality time with my family and friends. My summer stay in Sweden is always pretty intense and hectic, but boy, do I love to be home!

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Scanning the tables

Here at the country side, flea markets really rules! You can find them everywhere. Just take a ride by the car and you instantly spot a small, shabby sign placed almost down in the ditch that says “flea market”. So if you’re a flea market lover, as I am and are on a trip, it can take some time to get to the actual destination. For this reason, my husband often choose to go either by an own car or to take the wheel and then drive pass all the signs really, really, really fast. Poor little me…But today we all, my husband, my sister, my parents and my grandpa went to Rejmyre flea market together. It’s a very popular and well-known flea market which only takes place once a year. Rejmyre is a very tiny village with surroundings so picturesquely and beautiful.

Here you are strolling up and down the small streets, into people’s gardens which are filled with both antique junks and rare collectives. When I’m at a flea market I’m so totally focused on finding the right things that I usually loose track of time. This really stress some people out, especially my husband who use to say: “Come on now! We haven’t come anywhere yet.”

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Today’s findings!

The difference between flea markets in France and in Sweden is total. First of all, the salesmen in Sweden are a lot calmer and they’re talking, not screaming and gesturing as the French salesmen do. Second of all, the prices are considerably lower in Sweden. When I’m at flea markets in Sweden it really strikes me what a clear advantage it is when you and the seller are speaking the same language, which now isn’t the case when I visiting flea markets in Paris. But, even so I´m actually pretty feisty when it comes to bargaining. It´s kind of an art form. A really fun one by the way!