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Friday 2 March 2012

Natural beauty

As every year there’s a trip to my belowed India which is one of the places where I get most creative. There are so many things that I find inspiring in this culture and the whole surrounding is breathing natural beauty. Everywhere you go there are markets, big as small, where you can find the most astounding materials and items. And I know them all, well the ones in Goa anyway.

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Wonderful sweet water pearls

Sunday 10 October 2010

Pop-up flea markets in Paris

Without knowing about it, I stumbled over a flea market today! These kinds of flea markets may pop up wherever and whenever, and if you’re lucky you’re at the right place at the right time. This was the case for me today, lucky me!

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Let’s make a deal!

I felt really bad for the sellers since it was really freezing outside today. I was being yelled at by an old lady who felt that I was encroaching on her turf. Yes, you better watch out for the old grumpy ladies when you visit a flea market.

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The battle of the prices

After having shopped enough, we went to our favourite Boulanger, La Tryffe Noire, and really gormandized among the pastries. So today’s dinner will be a baguette with cheese and two giant pastries- each.

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Gustav’s time to shop!

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Are you up for the task, Brussels?

So, now I am a Belgian citizen. I must say that it was a real strange feeling to wake up in a completely new apartment and with no Eiffel tower in sight. On the other side my new abode is pretty amazing and the people are so friendly and nice. Nore you can not complain about the surroundings, Belgium has really managed to keep the the original buildings intact and it’s a real pleasure to wondering around at all the small streets where original and cosy cafe´s is popping up every 5fth meter. Now let’s talk about what Brussels has to offer in terms of antique shops and flea markets, this weekend I had my total focus on exploring this field and guess how satisfied I got when I come to know that there are a lot of splendid flea markets and antique shops here. The two most spectacular ones were the Marche´aux Puces and Place du Grand Sablon.

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Marche´aux Puces
JPEG - 102.2 kb
A dream shop for every vintage fan!
JPEG - 62.2 kb
Take a picture of me!
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In which drawer did I put the nails?
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It’s the first time I’ve seen a carusell inside a shop

Wednesday 18 August 2010

A trip to New York

Bye bye Paris, we’re going to New York! This is mine and my husbands second time in “the big apple”, a city I just adore! It’s almost overwhelming when you realize how big and spectacular this city really is. Since we already have done all the “must do” we could focus on exploring other areas and places. The weather was ideal (for me) with blue sky and 28 degrees. Just love the heat! After have had a traditional American brunch with too much of everything, especially carbs and calories, we strolled down to Soho.

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Strolling in Soho

This area is really magnificent I say! The pace is so much lower here than at Time square and Fifth avenue which always are packed with tourists in "I love NY" t-shirts with their cameras, maps and city guides. In this part of Manhattan you can find so many original shops and second hand stores. I bought a pair of high healed pumps in one of the second hand stores and thought I had made a splendid bargain, but after having walked in them for about ten minutes I realised they were not splendid at all, they were just painful.

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Friends apartment

I wonder how many people have been outside this specific building. I guess everyone that enjoy the legendary sitcom "Friends". Located in this building is a cosy restuarant, "the little owl" which serves delicious dishes in a bohemian atmosphere.

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A short visit at an enormous market outside Central Park

On our way to Central park we stumbled upon a gigantic market I just had to explore a little bit.

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Would this really work in Paris?

Well, what can I say? This would never work in Paris! Just hit the road here and you’ll see what I mean.


Thursday 2 June 2011



Trots att jag redan besökt Rom ville jag återigen besöka alla de storslagna platserna. Min absoluta favorit är Sixtinska kapellet- utan tvekan. Denna plats går inte att beskriva med varken ord eller bilder- den bara måste upplevas.

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Himmelens solstrålar letar sig in i Pantheon
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Detta är vad man kallar konst
JPEG - 238.4 kb
Vägen som leder till Michelangelos verk

På en fontän utanför Pantheon trängdes duvor och jag var fast besluten att få ett foto i rörelse. Så jag stod tålmodigt o väntade med kameran rätt inställd och väntade på att någon pippi skulle röra sig. Efter att ha lyckade missa typ 20 sådana tillfällen fick jag äntligen min bild. Vackert!

JPEG - 157 kb

Kan du tänka dig, det finns loppmarknader även i Rom! Den mest omtalade är Porta Portese. Inte helt lätt att pruta när försäljarna pratar lika fattig engelska som jag pratar italienska (dvs. en tiondel av resehandbokens parlör över"vanliga fraser).

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Dök direkt in i loppisen Porta Portese

Och så givetvis viker man ju av ett par dagar för sko-jakt! Roms shoppinggator har lika många skobutiker som Marais har uteserveringar- till min mans glädje... är det inte loppisar så är det skobutiker. Romresans inköp blev så diverse loppisfynd samt ett par sandaler med 13 cm. klack. Snygga men kanske inte så ergonomiska.


Sunday 10 April 2011

All done!

Så var ommålningen av vardagsrummet äntligen avklarad!

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Eftermiddagen spenderade vi i området kring Place de l’Agoria där det formligen myllrar av antikhandlare och marknader och självklart mysiga fik och brasserier. På mitt (inte min mans) initiativ besökte vi en av loppmarknaderna där jag gick loss på gamla metallburkar och kabinettfoton. Min kreativitet har verkligen börjat blomstra i takt med Bryssels träd och rabatter och jag har siktet inställt på ett speciellt projekt: uppklädda små askar och burkar så under detta loppisbesök hade jag total fokus på burkar och askar. Stora och små, eleganta och rostiga, jag svepte med allt jag kunde hitta!

JPEG - 143.8 kb
Länsade loppisen totalt på burkar

Vår söndagspromenad avslutade vi med att köpa varsin nygräddad belgisk våffla från en våffelbuss. Kolla in hunden som så troget och fint sitter och tittar på varje kund. Behöver jag säga att jag köpte en extra och gav den till honom?

JPEG - 100.2 kb
Donnez-moi s’il vous plait (ro hit våfflan!)

Monday 20 December 2010

Let it snow!

No, I’m really not a morning person, but when being offered a breakfast buffet at a table with candles lit, even I am willing to get up early. Very cosy! One of the many things that are simply great with the visits from my father- in- law is that he shares my passion for antiques. So today is the day we went to my dear flea market in Porte de Vanves.

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No weather can stop me

Just when we arrived to the market it suddenly, without any warning, started to snow. And with snow, I really mean snow! So the visit became quit rapid, but of course I managed to find a couple of “necessary” things I just had to have.

JPEG - 109.9 kb
All done!

After this we where both wet and frozen and took the bus to San Michel and ate lunch at Café de Paris. Very delicious and most of all dry and warm…


Thursday 1 April 2010

Welcome to my blog!

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Porte de Vanves

Welcome to my blog! Here you will be able to follow my everyday and get inspired.

Yes, it’s finally Saturday! Which means a visit at my favourite flea market in Paris: Porte de Vanves! This flea market is a huge one and a dream for people like me. You can find everything from exclusive Victorian chairs to skates and to old stamps. It’s at places like this I get my inspiration for my creations. Without knowing actually what I look for I screen every table carefully. I dive into boxes filled with dirty junk and there I might find the treasure of the day. Then it’s time for the trickiest part: the battle of the price. My strongest talent isn’t to bargain. Especially not in French. That’s where my husband plays the big role as the tuff, experienced antique dealer. As a thanks for his input, patience and being the carrier I always offer him food and wine on one of the slightly questionable brassieres in that area. Some of my findings:


Rejmyre flea market

So, like always I go home to Sweden this time a year to spend some quality time with my family and friends. My summer stay in Sweden is always pretty intense and hectic, but boy, do I love to be home!

JPEG - 177.7 kb
Scanning the tables

Here at the country side, flea markets really rules! You can find them everywhere. Just take a ride by the car and you instantly spot a small, shabby sign placed almost down in the ditch that says “flea market”. So if you’re a flea market lover, as I am and are on a trip, it can take some time to get to the actual destination. For this reason, my husband often choose to go either by an own car or to take the wheel and then drive pass all the signs really, really, really fast. Poor little me…But today we all, my husband, my sister, my parents and my grandpa went to Rejmyre flea market together. It’s a very popular and well-known flea market which only takes place once a year. Rejmyre is a very tiny village with surroundings so picturesquely and beautiful.

Here you are strolling up and down the small streets, into people’s gardens which are filled with both antique junks and rare collectives. When I’m at a flea market I’m so totally focused on finding the right things that I usually loose track of time. This really stress some people out, especially my husband who use to say: “Come on now! We haven’t come anywhere yet.”

JPEG - 153.2 kb
Today’s findings!

The difference between flea markets in France and in Sweden is total. First of all, the salesmen in Sweden are a lot calmer and they’re talking, not screaming and gesturing as the French salesmen do. Second of all, the prices are considerably lower in Sweden. When I’m at flea markets in Sweden it really strikes me what a clear advantage it is when you and the seller are speaking the same language, which now isn’t the case when I visiting flea markets in Paris. But, even so I´m actually pretty feisty when it comes to bargaining. It´s kind of an art form. A really fun one by the way!


Friday 7 January 2011

Hakuna matata

So, here we are now in our beloved Goa in India, a place we have been visiting for the last three years now. If you go there you will see why we love it so. First of all, you immedently fall in love with the people, which are so genuine emphatic and friendly. You will also adore their philosophy of life which is "Hakuna matata". That’s how Indian people live, regardless their current lifesituation. Here you really get a larger and a better perspektive on life.

Food wise India is like heaven on earth and offers nothing else but delicious food, fortunately there are miles of beaches to walk if you whish to keep the shape at least a little. And last but not least, there are hundreds of markets to visit. Good for me! One of theese is called "Saturday Night Market" and is a huge and popular night market that takes place only once a week.

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Saturday night market

The market place is huge with different stands lined up so tight, screaming sales persons, live music and a big square in the middle where you can by different food and drinks. And everything is so beautiful lighted. And oopsie, the time is up- it’s 2 am!

The next market in line is a local market in Mapusa where most of the visitors are Indian people- except from blond me! A perfect oppertunity to learn how to bargain Indian style.

JPEG - 151.8 kb
No, I mean the 6th one to the left at row 18
JPEG - 194.8 kb
OK, I say 4 for the price of 2. Deal or no deal ?
JPEG - 128.9 kb
Well done Linda ! Almost as good as the locals !