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Saturday 5 October 2013

Forever Unique Jewelry + NyponStina= sant

The first time I met I met Stina, the owner of the fantastic boutique NyponStina, was during an event I hosted in Stockholm. She is that kind of person who really catch your attention: beautiful and with a lovely personality! Stina in her shop and atalje where she design, create and sell her unique pieces

Stina desgns and creates clothes with the inspiration of the 50’-60’ and give them a modern and unique touch. As you can hear, she’s got a similar vision like I have.

So when I went to Sweden I took the chance and dropped by her shop and asked if she would be interested in selling my line and I’m so happy to announce that she will start selling Forever Unique Jewelry in the mid October! Impossible to pass by her shop without take a peek


Thursday 17 July 2014

Charmy Judits

Breaking news! Forever Unique Jewelry line is now to be found at Judits, an amazing, high class vintage boutiqe in Stockholm, Sweden! Below I present photos from the boutique and a selection of the jewelry you can find there. Judits On display


Monday 23 September 2013

Forever Unique Jewelry and Le Bijou dans le sac

Since 2 weeks back, I started working with the store "Un bijou dance le sac" located in Chatelet, Brussels. A magnificent boutique filled with vintage designer accessories and now Forever Unique Jewelry!

JPEG - 125.5 kb
This is my latest business partner: Un bijou dans le sac

I’m really proud and excited over having found my first business partner here in Brussels.

JPEG - 130.4 kb
This exclusive boutique sell vintage designer accessories.
JPEG - 134.6 kb
I really love how they chosed to display my collection

It’s really interesting to see how people in different countries react at the same thing, at my concept "to have what other doesn’t have, to be unique" and it sure seems like people really whish to find that really interesting and unique detail to seperate themselves from the mass. And that’s my biggest inspiration ever!


Tuesday 8 July 2014


Earrings made of pearls from different necklaces from the 50’s.


Wednesday 11 June 2014

Wedding event at Plezuro

I’m always looking forward to Plezuros yearly wedding event! I have literally worked night and day for the past months, to put together a special wedding collection. What a joyful evening it was!

JPEG - 175.8 kb
Among cupcakes and flowers
JPEG - 164.1 kb
A lovely display of my collection
JPEG - 111.5 kb
Me in one of my favourite hair creations
JPEG - 163.3 kb
Veil in vintage lace and satin flowers

As you might have seen I have recently launched a first collection of accessoares. All photos are taken by Johan Romin.


Friday 16 May 2014


A ring for a real lady. Made of parts from two different earclips from the 40’s with small sewed on pearls.

Parts found in Brussels.


Friday 16 May 2014


Spectacular necklace made of a golden chain from the 40’s and a pendant made of a brooch with Aurora Borealis stones from the 40’s.

Both found in Paris.


Wednesday 29 January 2014

Wedding fair in Stockholm

So now the big wedding fair in Stckholm, Sweden has come to an end. After months of preparations I can say it was totally worth it! Thanks to all of you who visited me and my jewelry. I whish you all a beautiful wedding day!

JPEG - 75.2 kb
Me in front of Forever Unique Jewelry booth
JPEG - 148.8 kb
The necklace which was the price in the competition

JPEG - 95.1 kb
Me and my business partner Kajsa- Stina, owner of NyponStina worked side by side