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Sunday 10 October 2010

Pop-up flea markets in Paris

Without knowing about it, I stumbled over a flea market today! These kinds of flea markets may pop up wherever and whenever, and if you’re lucky you’re at the right place at the right time. This was the case for me today, lucky me!

JPEG - 221.5 kb
Let’s make a deal!

I felt really bad for the sellers since it was really freezing outside today. I was being yelled at by an old lady who felt that I was encroaching on her turf. Yes, you better watch out for the old grumpy ladies when you visit a flea market.

JPEG - 235.1 kb
The battle of the prices

After having shopped enough, we went to our favourite Boulanger, La Tryffe Noire, and really gormandized among the pastries. So today’s dinner will be a baguette with cheese and two giant pastries- each.

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Gustav’s time to shop!

Friday 16 May 2014


Spectacular necklace made of a golden chain from the 40’s and a pendant made of a brooch with Aurora Borealis stones from the 40’s.

Both found in Paris.


Monday 7 February 2011

Au revoir Paris!

You never know what life will bring you... yes, that’s right! Because what can you say about me moving from Paris to Brussels if not a real surprise?

JPEG - 47.9 kb
Bye bye apartment
JPEG - 55.7 kb
The same amount of boxes are in the other 3 rooms too...

Sad in one way, but exciting in another way. Sure I will miss Paris more than I can say, but fortunately the two cities are not far from each other- only one and a half hour by train. So I will still do a lot of my purchases in Paris, I just cannot help it; I love the French flea markets! BUT I’ve heard that there are a lot of good places to go for junks and jewels here in Brussels as well. That’s something I will investigate as soon as my new flat looks as good as my old one. By the way I want to apologize for the lacking of prices on my web shop; it’s on its way… but if you are interested in buying you just e-mail me.


Wednesday 23 June 2010

Time for Christmas shopping

It’s a kind of strange that I, who is so into Christmas, always leave the Christmas shopping until the very last minute.

JPEG - 252.2 kb
Glowing in the dark

Maybe I do that because I just love to dive into the hysterical crowd of people who also have saved this gift shopping to the very end... But despite this feeling of panic I actually find it kind of charming... the rush of people, discount in several shops, about ten different Christmas songs which are being played by different street musiciants with five meters gaps, warm chestnuts and astounding decoration everywhere. Let me give you just a small peak at Paris in all its glory.

JPEG - 156.1 kb
One of Lafayette’s windows
JPEG - 98.4 kb
Colorful setting in antother window
JPEG - 58.8 kb
A crowded Boulevard Haussmann
JPEG - 138.3 kb
Champs elysée in lights

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween and time to set back the time one hour. Yes! Now I can sleep one extra hour, as we all say at this time a year. A day wonderful as today you just have to go for a stroll. We took a walk to the Eiffel tower, my absolute favourite place in Paris. On our way back I spotted a stand with pumpkins and I’ve always heard about these amazing pumpkin dishes people do at this time a year and thought to my self, what if I should try to make one myself. So I bought one, browsed through the recipes on the internet and realised pretty soon that this was way too tedious and complex for me. Well, well, the pumpkin at least looks very colourful lying on the kitchen bench. Pizza tonight honey?


Monday 20 December 2010

Let it snow!

No, I’m really not a morning person, but when being offered a breakfast buffet at a table with candles lit, even I am willing to get up early. Very cosy! One of the many things that are simply great with the visits from my father- in- law is that he shares my passion for antiques. So today is the day we went to my dear flea market in Porte de Vanves.

JPEG - 96.2 kb
No weather can stop me

Just when we arrived to the market it suddenly, without any warning, started to snow. And with snow, I really mean snow! So the visit became quit rapid, but of course I managed to find a couple of “necessary” things I just had to have.

JPEG - 109.9 kb
All done!

After this we where both wet and frozen and took the bus to San Michel and ate lunch at Café de Paris. Very delicious and most of all dry and warm…


Thursday 1 April 2010

Welcome to my blog!

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Porte de Vanves

Welcome to my blog! Here you will be able to follow my everyday and get inspired.

Yes, it’s finally Saturday! Which means a visit at my favourite flea market in Paris: Porte de Vanves! This flea market is a huge one and a dream for people like me. You can find everything from exclusive Victorian chairs to skates and to old stamps. It’s at places like this I get my inspiration for my creations. Without knowing actually what I look for I screen every table carefully. I dive into boxes filled with dirty junk and there I might find the treasure of the day. Then it’s time for the trickiest part: the battle of the price. My strongest talent isn’t to bargain. Especially not in French. That’s where my husband plays the big role as the tuff, experienced antique dealer. As a thanks for his input, patience and being the carrier I always offer him food and wine on one of the slightly questionable brassieres in that area. Some of my findings:


Saturday 18 December 2010

Let’s shop Swedish!

This weekend is quite a special one since I have my father- in- law visiting. Today he and I took the metro to Mont Martre and grabbed a late lunch at Le Carrousel, great food I say. Later on we caught up with my husband and we went to Affären, a shop where you can find all the Swedish goodies!

JPEG - 89.9 kb
Outside "Affären"

So, we went crazy and bought all too much of everything! Tonight we celebrate with gingerbread and genuine traditional Swedish glögg or translated into English: whine combined with spices that is served warm. Really tasty!

JPEG - 102.2 kb
A toast in genuine Swedish glögg